About En Rose

En rose by Uliana is a Montreal based brand that expands by only supporting sustainable fashion. By offering recycled & eco-friendly products, it offers an alternative to all fashion lovers.

This brand is in constant search of ideas to not only recycle textile, but also everything that takes part in the process of packaging & the delivery of the product.

Welcome to the en rose community; not only are you wearing exclusive & unique ornaments, you are also being kind not only to the planet, but also to the people behind every piece.
All of them are in a deep & special relationship with ethics, environment values & a unique magical vision.

About The Founder

My name is Uliana. I was 24 years old when I founded En Rose.

I studied in in networking marketing & here is my story. Figure skating has always been the discipline & passion of my life. Even today.

After embracing a few industries such as Real Estate, events & Marketing, it was difficult for me to find a new vocation.

In January 2020, an idea was born. Creativity, aesthetics, freedom & innovation gave place to En rose by Uliana. A small business making recycled products for all fashion lovers.

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