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Discover X-Small Scrunchies - 3 for 25.00$

Self-Care Bands

Everyone deserves at least one self-love moment in the day. We created two different types of skin-care bands for your self-love session. The elastic & Velcro band. All made out of recycled textiles.

Did you ever seen an X-Large Scrunchie?

Our favorite size of scrunchie!

Quality so exquisite, you will want to own one in every color.

Makeup, pencils, anything, we designed your new versatile case big enough but not too much so you can carry your essentials anywhere. 

Fashionable inside out with its lining. Eco-friendly, useful and trendy: all in one.

The color of the lining is unique in each case but will be following the same tint & light vibe.

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