For any questions regarding your order or anything related to customer service,  please send us an email at . Please include your full name and order number in your communication. 

You should expect an answer within 48 business hours after we received your email. Please don’t hesitate to contact us again if we unfortunately didn’t answer you within this time.


Monday to Friday 9AM to 6PM.



None of our promotion pairables, unless explicity announced. 



En Rose by Uliana doesn’t offer any returns or reimbursement. For certain specific situations, we only offer store credit. There’s no returns, reimbursement or store credit on the masks and our thrift section

In case of doubt concerning a particular situation, we invite you to send us an email at . 

The magic of fashion is that it always comes back and never goes out. It’s a cycle, just like circular economy! So give it to someone, sell it on a platform like bonmagasinage or transform it. We’re counting on you to continue our mission.



  • I received my package but there’s an item missing or I didn’t receive what I ordered!
    • If unfortunately we have included the wrong product or a defective product in your order, write to and we will resend you a package with the product you originally wanted at our expense. Even chosen, if you are missing a product. 
  • My product just broke, I bought it 3 months ago, what can I do?
    • Send us an email at serviceenrose@gmail with a photo of the defective product, we will do our best to find a solution.
    • We don’t cover defective products more than 6 months after you ordered.


Delivery situations

  • I received an email telling me my package couldn’t be delivered and was being returned to the expeditor, why?
    • If a package is being returned to us, it’s because Purolator or delivery companies (Chicchats) tried to contact you several times to update your address but you didn’t answer them. It is your responsibility to enter correctly and verify your address when you order. We can’t systematically verify each address of every order. You will therefore have to pay the delivery fees again (9,99$ or 14,99$)* by contact us to *Fees apply even if your order reached free delivery.
  • When the package is delivered to an apartment, we require a signature at delivery to avoid theft. The delivery company will try to pass several time or leave a pick up notice with an address where you can go get your package. On the notice it will also be written that you have a certain delay to pick up your package. We won’t pay to send you back your order again. Therefore, you will have to pay delivery fees again (9,99$ or 14,99$) by contacting us to *Fees apply even if your order reached free delivery.
  • If you decide not to pay the delivery fees within 14 days notice. We will send you a store credit for the value of your order less shipping costs.


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